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    or the sarod, or the veena? And become an ustad myself ?” He discovered himself in delimn and tries to analyze the buying rs gold For this objective he goes on considering the futility of enough time he had spent with his ustad and states, “Now these guys who had heard me perform in the dark area of our home have been an ustad myself, sat in the centre of the stage, performed for excellent viewers and been recognized for my activities. Were they right? Was this true? Had I lost my life?”

    Then he discovers the visibility of his ideas after some soul-searching that he can never become ‘ustad’ in his own lifestyle. This concept is exposed in these collections, “Yes, anyone could perform the tanpura for him, do what I do. But he did not take anyone else, he select me. He provided me my success, my lifestyle,” and thus, the alchemic touch of the expert turned the raw and platform boy into a elegant and soothing accompanist who now regards him as his God on earth and seems, “Does a deadly reject God?”

    Our ideas has various surf of ideas which sometimes vary us from our right direction and we begin to query on our doings and become sad as the accompanist seems to be whispering, “Had I lost my life?” As the emotions of repentance enter the brain of the person, he cures his brief comings, his ideas becomes genuine and cleared and then he understands extreme really like. The accompanist confesses, “Only once I was shaken out my satisfaction, my complacency. I am embarrassed to expose it to you. It was so silly of me .” Further he holds the view:

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